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Centum Financial Services Announces Manitoba’s First Mortgage Program for Condominiums

September 30, 2020 | Posted by: Adrian Schulz - Winnipeg Mortgage Broker: Rental Property Financing and Commercial Mortgage Solutions

New program provides exclusive rates on fixed- and variable-rate condominium mortgages

WINNIPEG, MB — Centum Financial Services Limited Partnership is proud to announce its latest mortgage program, for current and new condominium owners. The program is designed to help Manitoba residents purchase or refinance their own condominiums.

The condominium mortgage program is available to current and new condominium owners whose units are located in properties whose condominium corporations are members of the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI). Eligible condo owners will benefit from exclusive fixed- and variable-rate mortgages on new condo purchases, renewals, and refinancing.

The goal of the new condominium mortgage program is to offer current and prospective owners an easier and more transparent experience as they go through the mortgage application process. After visiting Centum’s website and filling out an application, along with providing any supporting documentation, applicants will be able to work with Centum to apply their exclusive mortgage rate to a condominium purchase or refinance.

“This program is a first of its kind,” said Adrian Schulz, Associate of the Condominium Institute and Mortgage Agent with Centum. “Condo owners will greatly benefit from this special mortgage offer, which is exclusive to CCI members who purchase or refinance through Centum. We’re very pleased to be able to provide this benefit to Manitoba’s condominium owners.”

Centum is a business partner member and bronze sponsor of the Manitoba chapter of the CCI, which provides educational opportunities, workshops and technical assistance and acts as a primary source of information to its members as they work to establish and operate successful condominium corporations. Founded in 1982, the CCI is the national authority on condo-related issues and activities.

For more information about Centum and its new mortgage program for condominium owners, visit or call 204-272-3763.

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